• Most of Garfield's movies are too old and mired in the great depression to hold up. Although it creaks, this one holds up well as it was released 1943. His portrayal of a tough guy recovering from post traumatic stress is unusual. Is he plagued by auditory hallucinations or does he really hear that fiend dragging his foot outside his door ? Like most film noirs the good guys triumph but they don't find happiness.

    An interesting characterization by Maureen O'Hara as the mysterious woman who seems to share her love with Garfield. Most female characters weren't this deep or complicated. Her role is a very different from her roles as John Wayne's former wife. In a feminine way she is tougher than Garfield's character.

    Like any movie made in 1943 the plot is anti fascist. But as someone who fought in the Spanish Civil War, Garfield's character should lean to the left. Yet he is part of a wealthy uptown crowd.

    If you like John Garfield but find his movies of the depression too distant to appreciate, try this one.