• Warning: Spoilers
    You know what you are in for in an early scene when Kharis' coffin slowly opens and you see a 3000 year old sarcophagus has modern hinges on the lid. Also, Peter Coe as the fanatically devoted priest of Karnak says "mummy cases" when he should have said "sarcophagus". Oh well. Will someone, anyone, please tell me how Kharis could sink into a swamp in Massachusetts at the end of THE MUMMY'S GHOST and be dredged out of a Louisiana bayou in this film? Also, this movie takes place in 1969. THE MUMMY'S HAND was set in 1912; THE MUMMY'S TOMB (the best of the lot) was set 30 years later and ended with the hero being drafted into WW2; THE MUMMY'S GHOST took place only a short time later and this film is set "25 years later" which would make it 1969 at least! At least after so mush frustration Kharis finally reclaims his lost love (Virginia Christine). Hopefully they can . . .er . . ."live" happily ever after. Performances are good but Martin Kosleck steals the show as Ragheb, the acolyte who betrays his trust when he falls in love (or at least in lust) with the pretty heroine. Lon Chaney hated Kharis as much as he loved The Wolfman and pretty much just wanders through this role. he had to have known he was cast for his name value and that anyone could have been inside the gauze. Watch for 2 silent film performers in cameo roles. William Farnum, best remembered for the 1914 version of THE SPOILERS as the keeper of the monastery the Egyptian priests have "defiled" by bringing their equipment there. Also on hand is Charlie Stevens, real life grandson of the Indian warrior Geronimo, as a workman named Achilles. Stevens had appeared with Douglas Fairbanks in ROBIN HOOD (1922), THE BLACK PIRATE (1926) among others and was Injun Joe in the first talkie version of HUCKLEBERRY FINN (1930). On the minus side there is some embarrassing racial humour involving a black worker named Goobie (Napoleon Simpson). Trust me, he ain't no Mantan Moreland! Personally I think all the Mummy movies are fun, but it was wise of them to end the series with this one.