• Warning: Spoilers
    Any Orson Welles film is worth taking a look. It will surprise the viewer in many ways because of Mr Wells' keen sense of cinematic eye. The only thing bad with this movie is the fact that Orson Welles didn't adapt it for the screen. As a result, it suffers in many logical aspects, but doesn't detract from the over all enjoyment of the movie.

    Mr. Welles' legacy is a treasure for the movie loving public. He was indeed a man ahead of his time. "The Stranger" wasn't one of his best films, but it has its rewards in the great cinematography, the acting by the magnificent cast assembled for this picture.

    From the beginning we get to know who the real bad guy is. The story builds suspense as it goes along. The film is never boring and doesn't feel outdated at all. The last scenes at the clock tower are pure Welles. The interior of the clock tower scenes couldn't have been conceived by no other than Mr. Welles himself. The ending is amazing, to say the least.

    Loretta Young, as Mary, the young bride is perfect for the part. Edward G. Robinson plays the war criminal hunter, Mr. Wilson. He is always effective, no matter what film he is in. Mr. Welles, is very intense as Dr. Rankin. Even the minor roles played by Billy House, Richard Long and Martha Wentworth are perfectly conceived and acted.

    For fans of Orson Welles to enjoy.