• Porky Pig is a talent agent with a whole range of potential stars queued up outside his office just looking for their big break. However, a pushy manager keeps breaking into his office and pushing his own act, making it difficult for Porky to see the others there to audition.

    Porky Pig is not a great character when he is by himself, usually he needs a good partner to really make a short film work. Here he has no direct partner but the film is structured to be a series of auditions that Porky watches. In this regard the film is both good and bad; when the auditions are funny then the cartoon works pretty well. However others are not as good and it feels surprisingly episodic (considering it is a short!) and not that great.

    Like I say, I'm not convinced that Porky can carry a film by himself and, on the basis of this, it doesn't matter what you do with him he can't. In fairness he has almost nothing to do here apart from watch and occasionally say the odd amusing line. The support characters vary moment to moment, but there are a few good spoofs in there. The final act is OK but not as funny a punchline as I think the writers thought.

    Overall this is an average cartoon; it seems very broken up with some of it working and other bits not working as well. Porky is poor here with nothing for him to really do but generally that is the story of many of the characters. Amusing enough as long as you don't expect belly laughs.