• Marlene Dietrich is that queen. She earns a dishonest buck running a way station for bad hombres and outlaws on the run. It's sort of a Rick's Café Mexicaine, you might say. Everybody comes to Marlene's.

    With young studs vying for a Marlene well past her prime, this isn't so much Home on the Range as it is Camp on the Range. (Do young stallions go for a worn-out nag rather than seek greener pastures and finer fillies?)

    There's no fooling with her though. There's no doubt who's really wearing the chaps in this crowd.

    Marlene sometimes shows her feminine side. Her briefly-glimpsed lilac dress looked good in gaudy Technicolor. Most of the time Marlene is wearing enough war paint to pass for a Cheyenne in a normal Western.

    There is an indescribably bad song which pops up now and again reminding us of things we already know. "Hate ... Murder ... and REVENGE" is the unsubtle refrain. It produces an off-key chorus of snickers from the audience.

    Fritz Lang directed this farrago although you'd never guess.

    The movie's highlight for me was the saloon steeplechase. Yes, that was cute.

    This might appeal to someone who wants an over-the-top anti-Western. I prefer the real thing myself.