• I have put the hand of a bunch of promo-reels (running time of each one is 2' average) put on a VHS, with a good video report, in English speaking version for most of them and in French for at least one of them (I have not checked all of them since I got this treasure VHS by a cinephilic miracle) , of almost 40 Italian westerns, peplums, medieval, pirates, jungle, horror, thriller, polizioti, etc. movies shot between 1955 and 1986 but most of them covering 1960-1970. Amazing treasure. Most of them are not pan & scanned and offers cinemascope. Some of them are 1.66 and 1.66 = 16/9. Among them, the promo-reel (2' approximatively) of this Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, one the great peplum directors, starring Sylva Koscina and the sultry Gianna Maria Canale... : when such a movie will be restaured and offered in full running time. The promo-reel that I just looked at gives me a deep will to see more of it. Directing work is classic, cinemascope picture beautiful, landscapes and scenery somptuous ! This one is a Medieval and violent story about crusades.