• Another early black and white sci-fi film with some least in the beginning. Mad dictator "wanna be" springs bank robber from prison to use him in his plan for taking over the world with an invisible army. Sound outrageous? You bet! The sets are cheesy, the story is pretty stupid, the actors either overact or can't act at all, the ending is over the top.......these are all part of the elements that make low budget films fun to watch. Besides, it was directed by Edgar Ulmer, who did some fascinating work. But for some reason, this one is disagreeable.

    There are holes in the plot as big as Rhode Island and there is something very sleazy about all the actors, even though a couple of them are mainstays of "B" films, and in the case of Ivan Treisault, "A" list big productions ("Notorious", for example.)And there is that constant seems that 75% of the dialogue is shouted. The special effects......well, I've seen worse, much worse, even though you can see the wires. We've seen wires in films before. So what is it that makes this little programmer unpleasant? It just doesn't seem to gel but I don't know why. Maybe it was that Wurlitzer organ in the middle of the living room! So catch it on MST3K with Mike and the 'bots.....without them, it is pretty damn dismal.