• I recently picked up the "Mondo Cane collection" from Blue Underground. The second of the official Mondo films is "Women of the World", feels more like a spin-off then an actual sequel to "Mondo Cane" as in was made in between the previous original Mondo, but before the sequel for that "shockumentary". "Women of the World" is just that, showing women from around the globe, from Israeli officers to Hamburg hookers, from Swedish co-ed hitch-hikers to gay drag queens. All in the name of enlightenment, i suppose. Like the previous film it saves the more risque parts for the latter area of the film (childbirth, army widows, etc...) Not as good as the previous film, but still worth a look.

    My Grade: C

    DVD Extras: 2 theatrical trailers (Usa and International); Poster and still gallery