• Created by the same team that produced "Leave It To Beaver",and "McHale's Navy"(the created team of Allan Burns and Chris Hayward along with Norm Libermann and Edward Haas),the situation comedy series "The Munsters" premiered on CBS-TV from September 24, 1964 until the final episode of the series on May 12, 1966. A total of 70 episodes were produced,which were intended to be done in color were produced and filmed in classic black and white. Only actors Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Yvonne DeCarlo and Butch Patrick were the only cast members that stayed throughout its entire two-year-run. In fact "The Munsters" premiered the following week after the debut of "The Addams Family"(which was over at ABC). "The Munsters" did quite well in its first season,but by the second season the ratings were declined due to the competition of not only NBC's "Daniel Boone",but also the it took a fierce beating in the ratings opposite ABC's top-rated show "Batman" which was on the same time slot and was in color.

    Who can forget the show's theme tune(from Jack Marshall who also produced the theme for Henry Fonda's TV show "The Deputy",and numerous other shows as well),and that opening sequence of that spooky haunted house on Mockingbird Lane. What made that show a huge success was the comedic timing of Fred Gwynne as the reliable and sometimes unpredictable Herman Munster. Also how can I forget the Grandpa with those experiments under the house and he was always conjuring up something down there who most of the time was a vampire who hanged upside down a lot,and the family pet Spot(who was a fire breathing dragon who lived under the stairs),and the wife Lily who was played by the lovely Yvonne DeCarlo,and the son Eddie who was a werewolf played by Butch Patrick,and their daughter Marilyn(who was played by two different actresses: Pat Priest in Season One and Beverly Owen in Season Two). This show was side-splitting hilarious at every turn never knowing who may show up at the Munster's house,or the other way around which was extremely funny for a family of ghouls who were ordinary but in a weirdly sort of way just to see Herman Munster and even Grandpa get into one hilarious mischief situation right after the other.However the show ran for two seasons on CBS before the rest of the cast made the jump from the tube to the screen in "Munster Go Home!" (1966)that Universal Pictures released around October of 1966 where TV's first family of ghouls got the full Technicolor treatment after more than two years on the black and white television screen.