• Warning: Spoilers
    Daisy Clover is 50 years old when she is 16...This means she has the worries, the stress, and the broken promises of misguided relationships and fraudulent compassion, even before her braces come off... Pressure is a key ingredient to her hassled existence, as well as being lead down the garden path by numerous societal retro bates...This sordid lifestyle makes Daisy a victim of life, and an innocent who can rely on nothing but talent and capitulation...Hollywood is a natural playground for debauchery and ambiguous reactions, Daisy's situation is no exception to the rule!! Her one day marriage is a stilted précis which boggles her precocious emotions...Such a devastating debacle would emotionally disrupt a genuine adult and not just somebody masquerading as one. Neon homosexuality (As displayed by Robert Redford) in the thirties, is a new concept to all Americans .. Hollywood is accustomed to it somewhat, however, this is Daisy's entry into adulthood, which is tantamount to learning how to be a pilot when you are behind the cockpit of a Stealth bomber!!....In a nutshell, Hollywood is a morally impervious society which has thrown Daisy one curve of adversity after the next!! This knifing realization is so overdone that Daisy interprets all of this like it is an amuzing little doggerel, and now it is time to buy another comic book!! This movie is a compelling character portrayal by Natalie Wood, and she effectively illustrates how personal neglect can bring a dressed up teenager to the virtual breaking point!! Daisy's nervous breakdown is what unveils the revelation that she is merely a Hollywood commodity, and as "replaceable as piston rods"... If she suffers from clinical depression permanently, it will simply justify the insurance premiums.. Daisy is slightly oblivious to the fact that she is being reduced to chattel!!! At the end of the movie, Daisy wants to commit suicide, but realizes she doesn't have the time... I was in Kindergarten when this movie was made.. In a callous life lesson sense, so was Daisy!!!