• Sad to admit, I know, but I paid good money to see this drivel in first release in1970.......released as a double feature with GOD FORGIVES I DON'T or some other drivel, THE LOSERS as it was known in Sydney Australia saw the arclight in the glorious 2500 seat Capitol theatre, now the restored home to Disney extravaganzas like The Lion King. When I was there, this biker vs the Vietcong epic did quite good biz for 2 weeks and let us see, for the first time, a man drinking beer get hit in the guts and vomit on slow motion! This was a highlight too. The rest of this castrophe was how the US Govt got bikers to chase gooks and blow them up. 90 mins later we all stampeded to the foyer to the popcorn stand and also went to the toilet. Then we all rushed back into the cinema for another dose of claptrap. Awful. Remake? probably.