• Hail is a scathing political satire about a presidential administration gone mad with power and paranoia. A Nixon-type president becomes involved in political assassinations and establishing detention camps for "subversives" for the good of the nation. Richard Shull is brilliant as the Secretary of HEW and the president's most confidential advisor. Many other familiar faces appear here: Dick O'Neill (Barney Miller), Phil Foster (Laverne & Shirley), and Gary Sandy (WKRP in Cincinnati). I've watched this film again as the US is preparing for war in Iraq (3/03). Amazing connections to real life appear in this film. For instance: blaming the "liberal media" for dissent and detaining "undesireables" without due process. Leaning close to heavy handed at times, Hail nonetheless makes its point in a hilarious and chilling way. Hunt this one down.