• Today in my AP United States History class, I assumed that I would be enlightened with a feature film about United States history. When I walked in, I did not expect to see a flick like Jeremiah Johnson. Let me say this, it blew my mind how much of a stereotypical view of the world this movie is. Apparently, Indians are the stupidest people in the world; Robert Redford has an orgasm after he teaches someone how to say "yes"; and everyone has a heavy drawl. Now I realize that it had something to do with Frederick Jackson Turner's frontier thesis, but I sure hope my character wasn't shaped by this retard. To date, I have seen half of the movie. I don't really want to watch the second half, but I will be forced to. Couple of things I did like: 1)zoom-up of Redford which makes him look stupider. 2)"I make damn good biscuits boy" (In case you didn't know, I was being sarcastic) Something I really did like: my vote 1/10