• This movie is a camp classic. My friends and I have basically seen every American and other English-speaking "bad" movie - the kinds that are fun to watch with a group of people (Ed Wood movies, Doris Wishman's Nudie films of the Sixties, Killer dolls, Leprechauns, Manster, Head transplant movies, gore films of the 1960s, biker flicks, GatorBait, etc.) So, noe we have moved into the International film world and of course, India has an amazing film industry that curns out much product. "Bollywood" as it is called has made some great stuff but this one particluar gem not only captures the horrid clothes, colors and hair styles of the early 1970's - it also shows the weird mix of India/Western Culture as the story of rich boy who only wants to be a serious painter and enters the world of high art and fancy women has to be seen to believed. Fun, lively, bad, horrible hair styles, it's a hoot. The copy I saw had bad patches of quality in the print but it was subtitled well. FUN!!!