• Caught this one late night on Turner Classics Movies… yet, I'm still wondering what's so classic about it. Sitting Target is an entertaining film for as long as it lasts, but that's about it. Raw and hard-boiled action sequences with a charismatic Oliver Reed stealing the show, but the plot is weak and belongs in the `seen-it-all-before'-section. Reed is the angry inmate Harry Lomart. His lovely wife comes to tell him she found a new lover, got pregnant and wants a divorce. Harry snaps and, along with his partner in crime Birdy, he escapes in order to take revenge on his unfaithful wife. Sitting Target is a wholesome of brutal and relentless sequences, spiced with solid macho attitude. Yet, there are several stylishly photographed scenes and very good acting altogether. I especially liked watching Edward Woodward as the loyal copper whose duty is to protect Lomart's endangered wife. Only a year after this film, Woodward will play the lead role of what easily may be the greatest film ever made in Britain: The Wicker Man. If you're a fan of `Get Carter' and other violent Brit action films from the early 70's, you'll have a good time watching `Sitting Target'. Car-chases, rude behavior towards woman and adrenalin-filled prison escapes. The big twist near the end is very predictable but it does provide the film with an extra action-rush.