• The Rockford Files was so heavy an influence on me I honestly think I could have been a great detective (if I wasn't such a chicken)! You don't realize how much you pick up from a TV show though until years later when your spouse asks why you do a particular thing you do and when you stop to think about it you realize - that's totally a Jim Rockford-ism! And I can say that about many things in my life today thanks to the show.

    What really set the show apart from others though was Jim's artful use of street smarts and creativity everytime he got himself out of a jam. Sure, anyone could pull a gun and be done with it - hadn't that been done a thousand times already? Jim used his head. His wits and those of us who were paying attention back then carry that lesson with us today.

    I think there's a piece of Jim Rockford in all of us.