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    As the title character, Edwige Fenech stars as a poor and innocent shop girl drawn into the world of crime by the overpowering Guido (Corrado Pani). Anna soon realizes a life of luxury comes at a price as she is forced to smuggle drugs and sell her body to prove her loyalty. It's no wonder she's in trouble when the head of this particular family is the traitorous Don Barzini from "The Godfather" (Richard Conte). But when Anna gets pregnant she finally manages to escape, leaving Guido to serve a six year sentence. This is also the point where the movie starts to fall apart and the story steadily dissolves into soap opera territory.

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    Suddenly there are a couple of drastic jumps in time. First the entire pregnancy is skipped and in the next scene after that, her son is suddenly six years old (even though none of the other characters have aged or even changed their hairstyles). Anna's child needs treatment from a friendly doctor who offers Anna her first chance of true happiness. But of course, Guido reappears, leading to a tragic ending for almost all of the characters.

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    What started as an interesting drama turns out to be just another Seventies exploitation film, with a bit of Giallo thrown in for good measure. For once Edwige Fenech actually gets to act instead of being just a symbol of lust, although she can never escape that fate for long. Unfortunately the latter part of the film is not nearly as engaging as the former and never really draw you back in.

    6 out of 10