• Warning: Spoilers
    Shot in a beautiful techniscope and released in France with the quite bizarre title "BOITE À FILLETTES" on the print (VHS cover gives LA POLICE A LES MAINS LIEES as box title !) though there is no virgin nymph involved by the plot whatsoever, it is a rare and interesting testimony of the political situation in Italy near the 75's. Atmosphere is quite dense and heavy, since it tells the story of a judge (Athur Kennedy) and a Police officer (Claudio Cassinelli) wandering between "Red Brigade" and "Black Section" of Secret Services on the other wings... the bombing sequence is very well-made and the Milano outdoors takes are, as usual in Italian thriller of that time and genre, very realistic. Very pessimistic and dark movie since Franco Fabrizzi dies, then Arthur Kennedy is said by end titles to be soon murdered (good side) and all the bad ones too are dying except their undercover (not for the spectator)leaders.