• This is the king of formula shows. Every single episode goes down the same way:

    Quincy has just gotten off of a particularly grueling case.

    The boss brings in a new body that Quincy "just has to look at".

    Sam, his ever faithful assistant, is just about to leave for the night before Quincy calls him back. "I need you to stay and figure this one out."

    They show the 'late-night working montage', which always consists of Sam running spectral analysis tests while Quincy pokes at the body.

    The montage ends, and Sam says "I don't like the looks of this Quince".

    Quincy then insults Sam about the quality of his coffee.

    Quincy puts on his detective hat, and interviews witnesses.

    Quincy will come against opposition to him solving the case, and he will yell at that person. In fact, he will have been yelling for most of the episode, but now the yelling is of a righteous nature.

    Quincy will confront his main adversary and scream, "PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE AT STAKE HERE!!"

    Quincy's boss, who was against all meddling from the start, eventually comes around.

    Quincy solves the case, then explains everything over breakfast/lunch/dinner with his pals.

    Someone at the table tells a throw-away joke, usually at Quincy's expense, leaving everyone in stitches.

    Roll credits.

    Eat your heart out, Jordan Cavanaugh