• 18 January 2002
    For me this is one of the quintessential psycho-dramas of the seventies....I'm old enough to be able to look at the original poster that is currently being sold by Nostalgia Factory, and feel instant shivers down my spine. 'Fats' is one scary muvver - every scene that he's in grabs my attention in a way I can't consciously explain.....

    Sure, the production values are surprisingly rough for a 'big talent' Hollywood movie, but few films carry the atmosphere that 'Magic' has in spades. As other IMDb reviewers have mentioned, the 'keep Fats quiet for 5 minutes' scene involving Hopkins and Burgess Meredith is a minor classic. And for all those who complain about Hopkins' American accent, it should be noted that a) he was supposed to be the pseudo-American son of a limey, and b) he also did a far more convincing (if over the top) American accent for his alter ego 'Fats'. There was an obvious reason for this: to make all scenes between the 'two characters' as dramatically smooth as they ultimately proved to be.

    As IMDb reviewer Wilbur-10 mentioned, there is, perhaps, an overall ratio of too much melodrama to real horror, but most scenes involving Hopkins and 'Fats' the dummy are resonant enough to stay with you for years. And all this before Hopkins started acting like a dummy himself (basically meaning you can stick your Hannibal shtick up ya pipe!).

    Prime for a revival, then.