• Warning: Spoilers
    Quite good.I give it 4 out of 5 stars,which translates into an 8,which for me means one of the best of the year types,just not an all-time classic.

    There isn't any kind of great directing,but the writing and the acting,and basically the star power of RR and JF carry this film,and carry it well.I didn't know it was a Pollack film,but you can tell this is a quality package above the line.

    spoilers ahead-

    a good bit of mystery is set up as the viewers are asked "why did he run off with the horse?,and you want to know the answer to the question.When RR reveals his motivation,it works,and you immediatley emphathize and root for him,and the motivation is believable.

    The romance buildup btwn RR and JF is very slow,and thus very good.

    JF in the country is good for some laughs.I also laughed out loud at RR trying to see w/ JF's presription glasses .

    Brimley was excellent in a small part.He comes through the screen very vividly.His support of RR's reasons for absconding pack some emotional punch.Again,RR's speech to the camera on why he did it showed some excellent writing.

    I liked them singing america.

    The visual of RR and horse all lit up was nice,but I thought the montage of him leaving Vegas could have been better.

    A solid piece of work,anything less than a 4 * or 8# is too low of a rating.