• This film might have been more offensive if it had been more competently made. As it is, "Pieces" is surprisingly dull considering the amount of gore and nudity. The unintentional laughs are far and few between to recommend the film on a kitsch level. It also lacks suspense, any sense of style, and the fun of the better slasher films. However, I'll concede that there a couple of sequences that almost work. The first being the prologue scene. The look on that kid's face when he's sawing off his mother's head is probably the scariest part of the movie. The second sequence is the John Woo-ish moment in the elevator. If you're into creative death scenes, this scene isn't too shabby. Also, I love the way the killer is able to conceal his chainsaw behind his back(!) when following that woman into the elevator. It should be noted, though, this scene is preceded by an interminable sequence of the victim during her aerobic workout.