• This was a strictly okay horror flick. I'll tell you how bad the quality of film this was: it looked old the first time I saw this,on a Saturday afternoon horror film fest on the USA Network in 1988! It had only been in the can for five years and it looked like it was at least ten years old!

    Bobbie Bresee was(still is?)a fox whose acting prowess wasn't bad enough to merit her among the legendarily bad(think Pia Zadora,Denise Richards,Kim Bassinger),but was still just wooden enough that producers smartly decided to put her in films with more scream,cleavage and probably less dialogue. I cannot fault the poor bastards who were victimized by her demon-breast,glowing eyes seduction. I'm not sure I could resist that temptation,either!

    Don't try to make sense of this film.Just enjoy the sex and silly special FX.

    Four out of 10 Stars