• Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!! Considerably better than the sequel "The Fear", but only for the quality of the actors. Francis Ng is seldom a disappointment. Some nice shots but in general frustrating as the tensions seems to come more from frustration at the key characters keen ability to remain inactive and stand by stupidly while their friends are slowly, horribly killing themselves one way or another. Really annoying and difficult to buy into. Some fun scary ghost shots derived directly from Japan's The Ring, including a very funny bit where a character receives a VHS tape that actually has footage from The Ring's infamous scare sequence on it, followed by a cute punchline with Francis Ng inviting the hapless viewer to lunch. I respect a film that will acknowledge who it is ripping off within it's own content openly. Then the audience can accept the liberation of creative content as simple respectful homage. One the flipside, the poster for this film is the BOMB. Love it. Oh well.