• Butt Money. Throughout this movie, you will hear this song. It's supposed to be called 'Blood Money,' but it sounds so much like Butt Money (was the singer holding his tongue?) that it's best if you refer to it as that. Butt Money...YEAAAAHHH!!

    Cheaply produced music aside, the movie also suffers from not knowing what it is. It takes place on New Botany Bay, a planet of deserts (?) with a very familiar Southern California like landscape where prisoners are held and supposedly mine materials as part of their punishment. Also sentenced here is Richard Farnsworth, walking his way to a paycheck as some LAPD officer whose own stupidity lead to him being hit by a knife in some weird dream sequence. Called into action, he dresses up in his old duds to dish out old fashioned justice. In a planet wide prison inexplicably called New Botany Bay that has only five guards and a couple of dune buggys.

    Special notice to all the bad special effects, which include:

    --prisoners obviously pretending to fire guns which are just toys with no muzzle flare or smoke,

    --stunt doubles that, when hit by Farnsworth, do a flip in the air before turning into dummies who hit the ground and freeze all motion on the film,

    --General confusion when they hit the 'industrial' area of this prison planet and the conveniently located roadside diner (?!) on this prison planet.

    Bottom line: a very obvious attempt at something that went wrong. This is a prime example of something going very very wrong. This is the product of people with no talent, I'm sorry to say.