• I am NOT a Sci-Fi fan, I am a BritCom fan. (Sci-Fi = snooze x2 to me ... sorry guys). I started watching this show when my local PBS station started airing it on BritCom night, and I LOVE IT! It's not like normal Sci-Fi because it's hilarious and it doesn't try to be accurate.

    I have to agree with many people here in saying that Season 1 and 2 were my favorites. I loved the bare bones effects and sets -- it made the show rely more on good acting/scripts/directing to make it good, and they succeeded! (and yes, the remastering has ruined the shows -- the lack of FX added to the show's charm.)

    The show has deteriorated a bit with each new season. Season 8 was nearly unbearable -- I didn't like how the shows were one continual story. The addition of Kochanski in Season 7 and 8 as a main character was a mistake. It would have been amusing for one or two episodes, but I was inclined to agree with Kryten in wanting her to leave. Another reason the show has deteriorated is that the Cat is less Cat-like. He has lost all of his cat attributes that made him such a great character in the beginning.

    Still there are 6 fabulous seasons of this wonderful show to cherish! It's a must-see for any Britcom fan!