• Warning: Spoilers
    This is by far one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It comes from the UK.

    The basic premise of the show is as follows. It is about 2077. The place: Jupiter Mining Corporation Deep Space ship Red Dwarf. Our main character is Dave Lister. He is the lowest ranked technician on the ship. Pretty much even the little bots known as Skutters out rank him. He is paired with Arnold Judas Rimmer the second lowest ranked member on the entire ship. No one likes Rimmer. He has tried to advance to astro navagation officer but keeps having panic attacks when taking the exam. Once he even just wrote "I am a fish' a hundred times and turned it in. Anyway, Lister is found to have a illegal pregnant cat on board. The Captain finds out because Lister foolishly took pictures of himself with the cat and had it developed in the ships lab. Lister refuses to give up the cat because it will be destroyed. He is sentenced to spend 18 months in stasis lock (suspended animation). Only problem is while he is in stasis a radiation leak occurs and kills the entire crew except him and the cat. 3,000,000 years pass before the ships computer Holly can let him out. To keep his sanity Holly recreates Rimmer into a hologram even though they hate each other. The cats, that come from Lister's cat, on board have evolved into a humanoid species. Only one remains and he considers himself the best looking thing in the universe. Holly, the computer, supposedly has an IQ of 6000 (that is the same IQ as 6000 P.E. Teachers), but the time alone has given him computer senility and he is a bit off. Lister tends to spend his days eating curry, drinking beer, and being a slob. Eventually they run into a mechanoid, Kryten, with a head shaped like a novelty Ice cube.

    The show is just a series of their weird adventures through space. Some of the episode plots were:

    Travel to a paralel universe and meet female versions of themselves from a universe where the gender roles are reversed. (Lister get's pregnant)

    Lister rakes a chef's exam so he will outrank Rimmer.

    Rimmer creates a doppelganger of himself and they move in together.

    Kryten and Rimmer travel through a worm hole and land on an earth where time runs backwards.

    The ship is invaded by a shape-shifting alien that steals emotions.

    All in all the series is just plain hilarious. I suggest looking for it on PBS, at your local library, or video store. 10/10