• Michael Mann meets John Woo in this pre-The Killer action movie, but WKW clearly was already on his way up to where he is now. Ripped-off music ('Slave to love' - Bryan Ferry and 'Take my breath away' - Berlin), fine and unconventional cinematography and a brotherhood theme can't make this an above mediocre action movie though. The action scenes aren't really satisfying, because the characters aren't properly build up for injustice/revenge, but the dynamic cinematography (Wai Keung Lau) heralds things to come in the career of WKW. I found it nice to watch the typical eighties-style look of this: but then I also liked L.A. Takedown (Mann, 1989) as much as Heat (Mann, 1995). I guess WKW didn't have much artistic freedom in this production, but in his forthcoming film (Days of being wild, 1991, my favourite) everything falls into place and shows his brilliance.