• "Skin Deep" is not a great comedy. It's a decent view that supplies some hits and misses. But there is one scene that is so uproariously funny that it makes the rest of the film watchable.

    John Ritter (likable as always) plays a writer on the down side. He has turned to booze, therapy, and women. LOTS of women. He has ruined his marriage with his countless flings. He loves his ex-wife still but he just can't seem to get the prowler out of his system. Ritter has a couple of extremely funny moments such as his arrival at a formal party he believed was a costume party and a fun bit after he has received a strange form of therapy that causes his body to spasm so much he can barely walk.

    But the scene to wait for is after he has finally gotten a woman to bed he has been chasing. She is involved with a rock star and insists Ritter use a condom. Not having any he borrows one of the rock star's. It happens to be a glow in the dark condom and the scene is shot in total darkness. It is uproarious to say the least. And that is BEFORE the rock star shows up wearing one of his own!! That scene alone is one of the funniest I have ever scene and makes "Skin Deep" worth watching.