• Warning: Spoilers

    This movie really wasn't all that great. I have a healthy respect for it mainly because of my fondness for Mr. Ritter. Three's Company is my favorite all time comedy and It was nice to see "Jack" up on the big screen.

    I liked the premise of the movie but unfortunetly I will agree with many that the movie just didn't go anywhere, it did have a tendency to become lethargecially dragging to the point where although you love Ritter and the plot you lose all interest in seeing how it plays out.

    Now-that said-Normally I'd give a movie like that(not terrible but certainly forgettable) about a 5-I JUST CAN'T DO IT WITH THIS ONE THOUGH. And that's because of that one scene, that unforgettable scene that singelehandedly makes the film.

    I'm referring of coarse to the "glow in the dark" condom scene. The unexpected with that flows from this gem of a scene was Ritter at his best-he has to be one of the most brillient comedy actors around and that scene showed him doing what he does best-entertaining. Plus it's just REALLY funny.

    I'm picky about my comedies and what I fnd funny-this scene was hilarious-saw the mopvie in the theatre and this one scene had the whole movie theatre hysterical. So because of that I say the movie is worth seeing just because of that one scene. In fact if you are watching it and find yourself really bored(which you very well might) fastforward to the "glow in the dark" scene, watch it and laugh to your sides ache! One of the most unforgettable moments in movie comedy of all time.

    All in all the movie's about a 5 but like I said that one scene brings it up 1 or 2 points. An unusual review for a mediocre movie that makes itself unforgettable through a few minutes of screen time.