• Six years after Gremlins, Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates are now grown up and living together in New York. But (for very convoluted reasons), Gizmo gets loose in their office building, he gets wet and....

    I first saw this in a theatre in 1990. About halfway through when the "humor" kicked into high gear the guy behind me said, "This is STUPID!" He said it a few more times before walking out. I agree with him 100%. Needless sequel to the 1984 original...and this manages to be much worse than the first. Like the original this one gets way too violent at times...there was an absolutely disgusting sequence with a paper shredder here. Also this isn't a horror film like the original. This is a spoof on the first. Unfortunately, there's no plot and zero characterizations. All it is is a truly incredible amount of jokes--sight gags and one-liners going fast and furious. Problem is that they're not all. I've seen this movie twice and haven't laughed once. Mostly I've rolled my eyes, groaned or have been disgusted at the "humor" in this film. Also the constant Warner Bros. product placement got annoying--and what the hell were Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig doing in this?

    As for the acting--Galligan and Cates are lousy (no shock there), but John Glover is just great as a Donald Trump-like character. He ALMOST got me to smile. Christopher Lee is also on hand to poke fun at his evil roles.

    On the plus side, the special effects are fantastic--even by today's standards, and the film was full of energy. I didn't like it but I was never bored. But it was too stupid and violent to enjoy. The 3 I'm giving this is generous.