• I have recently become a fan of international films. I have seen a few films from France and Germany. In the past weeks, I have seen films from Spain and Mexico. So far, my favorite actresses from outside the USA have been Franka Potente and Penelope Cruz. I think both will end up with awesome careers in their respective lifetimes.

    Speaking of Penelope Cruz, she has amassed an awarding career in the Spanish mainstream. One of her early roles was in a little films called "Belle epoque" as the youngest of four daughters in a rather eccentric clan controlled by a laid back, republican father. A rather young army deserter encounters this eccentric family and he ends in a rather complex but humorous set of events. Eventually, he gets into bed with all four of them and hilarity ensues. It was laughing most of the way through it. Overall, this is a great film worthy of it's praise. I give it a 9 out of 10!

    In reality, this is more of a male fantasy than anything else even though it is set against the backdrop of life before the Spanish Civil War. I think it explains why the deserter sleeps with four beautiful women. Anyway, here ends my rant!