• In 1931 Spain an Army deserter, Fernando (Jorge Sanz) comes upon an elderly farmer and his four incredibly beautiful unmarried daughters. Fernando himself is also unbelievably handsome...he's attracted to the girls and they're all attracted to him. Basically it turns into a sex farce with Fernando sleeping with all of them but he can only love one.

    Just incredible. It takes a time-worn plot and makes it appear fresh and new. There's also some talk about politics of the time (which I know nothing about) but even THAT was interesting!

    The film is lushly photographed--the scenery is just beautiful in each and every shot. Also Sanz is one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen and all the girls are just breath-taking. Add to that a very funny, sharp script (I LOVE the scene when the mother arrives home and how she announces it) and a very strong, erotic feel to it. Despite the strong sexual tone there is next to no nudity in the film. Sanz is always clothed (there's a brief shot of his chest) and we get a glimpse of a pair of breasts--but that's it. Still, the feeling is in there. This is most definetely NOT a film for the kids. And it has a slightly bitter sweet but very happy ending.

    Basically a beautiful, funny, gorgeous movie. Don't miss this one!