• With all respect to Dungeons and Dragons player, this movie was not really about the effects of the game. Instead, this finely acted drama dealt much more with a mother's love for the son who attempted her murder. Of the 2 "made for TV" movies produced on this true story at the same time (the other was "Cruel Doubt"), I liked this one the best. Sharon Gless, was excellent as the mother who slowly comes to the realization that the attack on herself and her husband, which left him dead, was planned by her son, a student who had been living at college. As the evidence against him becomes stronger, the boy falls apart. But rather than disowning him, Bonnie Van Stein apprehends her own fault in allowing his stepfather to prematurely push Chris into manhood. In spite of the opinions of all around her, she sticks to her support of her son, assuring him of her forgiveness and encouraging him to forgive himself. One judges a production by how it lingers with you afterwards. It has been over 10 years since I first saw this movie, and I still cannot forget it.