• Well where do i begin to tell you what a excellent show Boy Meets World is. For those of you who have never seen it, this "kids" show may come across as cheesy unimaginative rubbish and i am not denying that it has had it's moments on all counts but on the whole, Boy Meets World is a funny, well-acted sitcom that can be enjoyed by all.

    I, myself, am 23 and i still watch it as i have done since the beginning. We have seen these kids develop into adults and have had to face difficult challenges in their life for example death of a parent, first love, divorce of parents, pregnancy scares etc which has all been dealt with in a very mature way.

    My favourite character Shawn Hunter has had it particularly rough and the way Rider Strong portrays the character is incredible - he should go far in the movie business. However all the other actors are capable, i mean i am not afraid to say that i cried when Topanga and Cory got married, i laughed at Eric's ridiculous stupidity and admired the closeness of the group that has brought the whole show together. Unfortunately they are no longer making Boy Meets World, but with all the re-runs i am sure that we will be able to re-live the moments of Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric for many years to come.