• I have never served in the Army. However, a good friend of mine was an NCO in the army and he tells me that this series was the most accurate portrayal of army life he had ever seen. I trust his word entirely.

    The series was good. There were not many over the top battles or anything like that in the series. There was an occasional foray into the battle zone but most of the episodes dealt with the officers personal lives, their relationships and their feelings about modern army life. Other episodes featured truly entertaining training exercises. There were a fair few moral dilemmas in the series as well. In season 2 a character by the name of Major Cochrane was accused of assault whilst in Hong Kong. The episode dealt with his feelings towards the accusation and his attempts to sort out the mess he was in.

    There were some good episodes full of action. In another season 2 episode Lieutenant Colonel Fortune was involved in a helicopter crash and that episode was entertaining. Some of the episodes featuring action were a little bit over the top but enjoyable all the same.

    The actors did a good job throughout this series. Miles Anderson did a good job as Lt. Col. Fortune in the first and second series and he was one of my favourite characters in the whole series. A lot of the other actors and actresses did a good job and were very convincing in their roles.

    Highly recommended. I wish this series was still going on.