• Long before it was all Hip crime thrillers and kitchen sink dramas, Steven Soderbergh proved himself to be one of the most interesting director of Independent cinema, seven years before the academy finally caught up with his genius. King of the Hill is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen, it's an old-fashioned film made in a modern style. Characters never seem unbelievable and the period detail and lighting (by Elliot Davis) evoke the reality of the hotel where Aaron (Jesse Bradford) and his family are forced to live.

    The film takes it's time, evolving at a relaxed pace, never feeling slow or boring, allowing the story to unfold naturally. There are so many wonderful moments in the film, Aaron's game of marbles, Lester (Adrian Brody) trying to hide the car, the final scenes before Sullivan makes his way home. Add to that a great cast (Bradford, Adrien Brody, Jeroen Krabbe, Karen Allen, Spalding Gray etc) and you have one of the best films of the nineties.

    Everything about the film sticks in the mind long after the first time you see it. In full, King of the Hill is a poetic and moving, coming of age drama that gets better with each viewing, a fantastic drama from a one of American cinema's truly talented film-makers. Also features a great music score by Cliff Martinez.