• OUTRAGE, or "Dispara!" in Spanish gives us a glimpse of the real Antonio Banderas. If subtitles get in your way, then you cannot judge this movie, directed by the legendary Carlos Saura. The female lead is the versatile Francesca Neri ("Live Flesh") who has made some of the most daring European films of the 90's, switching easily from Spanish to Italian in her prolific 15 year or so career. This trio of great talent delivers a revenge drama/love story worth watching only for the lead actors' performances. Here you see the real Antonio Banderas, who went back to Spain at the height of his Hollywood crossover, to do what he had always done: ACT, and take a break from the tough guy/action hero/Latin lover Hollywood has made of him. The real Banderas is a sensitive actor, who actually has played mostly frail, bi/homosexual and mentally-challenged characters. Though OUTRAGE is not his best performance by any means, it is a rare look into the real actor. His character in OUTRAGE is possessed by the beauty and talents of a mysterious circus performer (Ms. Neri). The two start an unusual relationship and after a fateful night's event, both main characters go down a destructive path of revenge. Check it out. I bought it from, not to plug them, but because it is available from them at a very good price.