• Currently, Cartoon Network is adding all of these "Cartoon Cartoon," and "Adult Swim," shows, but they will never match the standards of this gem. Space Ghost is a total idiot, it's actually Moltar and Zorak who're the brains(but Tanzet and Brak are even stupider, and you'll know this about Brak if you've seen him in any other show he's been in). This series is funny as heck, what with Space Ghost frying Zorak, or even the guests, alien intruders popping out of nowhere, and a bunch of weird stuff going on. The show's plots make little to no sense, but that's what's best about it. You never know what's going to happen next, because the writers make it very unpredictable. Definitely a real classic.

    BOTTOM LINE: Of all cartoons not on DVD yet, this one is screaming out to be given the digital treatment, so fans can see this hilarious talk show spoof where it deserves.