• I am quite surprised that 10 years after Martin Landau got a justified price for his acting of Bela Lugosi at Cannes - the directing and the whole movie themselves should have been rewarded as well in my opinion -there is not yet a DVD zone 2 available with French subtitles. It exists in Belgium and not in France ! It is a shame for such a nice hommage to classic horror movies, to a man who love them, who was very human and kind to an old and great star in her last years. This movie transmits the love of movies, the love of a man who was dedicated all his life to his dream of movie : it is another biography (with the James Whale's one) that cannot be forgotten by any classic horror movies fans. "Félicitations" to all those involved in that beautiful B.&W. hommage to love and cinéma, to dream and horror : a shakespearian movie, to say it in one word.