• I remember the BBC coverage of the Oscars in 1995 . Barry Norman was asking the Brits in Hollywood - Among them Tracey Ullman and Alan Parker - what they thought of the years nominations and the British view was unanimous that FORREST GUMP was nothing more than an overated mediocre movie . After seeing the film for myself I`ve got to agree with the standard British view - This is an overated mediocre movie

    It`s impossible to believe anyone outside America could love this movie . The overated ( Third time I`ve used that word in this review ! ) Tom Hanks plays Forrest the local town idiot who experiences many of the truimphs and torments of 1950s 60s and 70s America , and it`s all produced , played and written in a sickly sweet way , so sickly sweet you should watch this with a bucket in your hand so you don`t get any vomit on the carpet.

    Amazing fact . Both American and non American voters on this site give FORREST GUMP an identical voter average - 8.1 . I`m at a loss to explain this