• Warning: Spoilers
    "Gee? Which way should we go?" "How many bullets did you say we had?" "Lets stop again since we are being chased." Yes, I am making fun of this movie. Why might you ask? For the simple reason that this film was far from being serious. Ok, we are never fully introduced to the 7 men in the gang to begin with. We get a small intro to some of the men but we never understand not are we identified with who they are. With that, it makes it hard to feel anything for these make believe "cowboys". Then, the plot of the story is one dragged on chase scene that has no ending. Watching this film, you search for an reason what so ever when you ask yourself why they are doing what they end up doing. The biggest question is why the law didn't kill Graff once they came upon the men at the hill? They kept Graff alive for the main reason of finding the men. Oh no, instead they keep him alive for no reason except to have him tag along. that makes tons of sense. Then again, the rest of the film had no major point. I feel bad since the only good acting in the movie came from Steve Buscemi and he is the first one to get it by Graff. Long story short, leave this one on the video shelf for the next sucker to come along.