• In this movie I saw at least 10 actors whom I've seen in other movies, (6 of whom I also knew by name) and my memories of most of them were pretty good.. when I read the cast-list for this movie I thought: "WOW, MAN!...this ROCKS!" - so I decided to see this so-called "Exciting Western"... And boy, was I disappointed...words cannot express my feelings of misery after watching this load of meaningless carnage... All these excellent actors, with all that potential, and what are they given?... a handful of cliché-lines, and a bullet in the head (or some other place where blood can spurt out in a ghastly way).

    Well, Mickey Rourke did a nice enough job...he portrayed this heinous criminal very well, and did all he could do with this ridiculous script..

    Dermot Mulroney did a much better job in "Young Guns", but was somewhat believable in this role too...very sympathetic guy. Steve Buscemi...aw, man... my favorite actor in this almost-star cast... I can just say: "WHY??" - I thought his character had some interesting background-information (wearing a northern state-army hat), but we never get a chance to know his character before he "exits" in a quite disturbing fashion.. (even though I saw it coming when he started to talk about his "Hacienda" and his future plans, etc). Keith David, a cool guy, but not such a lovely character....I didn't understand what the hell happened to him... his departure was a mystery.... I also thought he was better in "the Quick and the Dead". John C. McGinley, I've always liked this guy...but he doesn't make sense in this movie either.. why does he have to be a 'knife-man'... when he NEVER even uses the knife for anything, other than accidentally cutting himself...and the 'traitor'-part...money out of the window? such a stupid script.. All the others are great actors, but they're all totally wasted in this feeble adventure... the sheriff, the banker, the possé, EVERYONE gets it...except...well, you figure it out for yourself.

    But in some sense, I still liked it, because of the great locations, and some good scenes (where people die, of course)... They probably won't make a sequel to this, but a PREQUEL would certainly kick more ass than this did!..a movie where the gang of these intriguing characters go berserk and raid banks and stuff, and how we get to see their development, etc.

    I give this 5/10, because....well, because I liked the cast, and gore is always somewhat entertaining.. and cowboys are so rugged and cool!