• I love Quentin Tarantino, both the director and actor (even though he's not a good actor). He's a brilliant auteur who changed the face of cinema. But to watch his performance in this movie would be a mistake. What we ave here is indie non-sense trying to ride the wave of RESERVOIR DOGS. The direction is weak and the plot and settings try duplicate the feel of WILD AT HEART, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and TRUE ROMANCE. This is simply a knock-off, people, not a bold new entry! DESTINY TURNS ON THE RADIO is just a handful of actors and a soundtrack in search of a movie to be in. If the great QT had directed, or at least written this, it would be a real movie. Sadly it is just an immitative mess that uses Tarantino's name to sell itself. Don't be fooled! The thing doesn't even try to make it lame jail break/divine intervention plot seem at all real. Coyotes, neon lights, swimming pools, and Dylan McDermott do not a movie make. The dialogue sucks and the characters are thin. The guy who directed this mess hadn't done a film since the early 70s, after this mess, he shouldn't be allowed to try again until the 2070s. Others to avoid in this rip-off genre are SUICIDE KINGS and POOLHALL JUNKIES. If you want the real deal, see JACKIE BROWN, anything by Tarantino, TRUE ROMANCE and NATURAL BORN KILLERS. This picture is destined to be forgotten.