• At first glance Tales from the Hood is very similar to Tales from the Crypt. They just put a black culture spin on the stories. There is more to the movie than that though. Although there is some run of the mill plots to some of the stories, others show a surprising amount of originality and creativity. The stories vary in quality.

    The first story concerning a murdered black activist rising from the grave is boring and hardly original. It's not scary either and the makeup is some of the worst I've ever seen. It's like they bought their supplies at Rite Aid. The second story about a boy that suffers abuse is a lot more original but not what you would call scary. It does feature David Alan Grier in a role that he was surprisingly good in. The writer and director Rusty Cundieff plays a concerned teacher in this story. The third story shows Corbin Bernsen as a racist politician who gets what's coming to him. This story is the most eerie and shows the most imagination. The last story is not scary but shows what can happen when you lead a life of evil and submit to experimental re-education.

    The story is narrated throughout by Clarence Williams III, obviously having lots of fun. I was surprised that this film received so few votes, it must not be too well known. Bottom Line: If you haven't seen this yet then check it out. It is decent horror even by the horrible standards the film set itself up for by being named Tales from the Hood.