• To take a subject already covered by other films (e.g. Universal Soldier) you'd expect the director to give it a new twist, or in some way improve upon the story.

    Sadly they failed to do either with this film. The story was all too predictable - ruthless robo-soldier gets a conscience, and protects villagers, Magnificent Seven style against the real baddies (the US military). So the lead character might have had a good physique, but was utterly unconvincing as either an army-bred automaton, or a caring nanny for some Mexican sounding peasants. As for the performances of the puffed-up general and the megalomaniac colonel, they were even more artificial than the so called cyborg they were trying to eliminate. I've seen better acting from a vending machine!

    At so many points in the film, you stare in disbelief at why on earth the characters would behave or react the way they do if they were trying to portray even a semi-plausible story. The film concludes with the inevitable 'my gun is bigger than your gun' scene, and then thankfully the credits roll. Dismal is too good a description - avoid this one at all costs!