• This animated series about the adventures of THEODORE 'TJ' DETWEILER and his friends VINCE,SPINELLI,MIKEY & GRETCHEN is absoultly fantastic, the stories which are mostly set around recess (obviously) are very well written and thought out.The actors behind the voices are really good & convincing. This in my opinion (i started watching when i was 13 - i'm now 19 & i still love it) the best animated series second only to the superior 'THE SIMPSONS' but for a great cartoon for children 8+ this is one of the best and adults won't mind sitting down to watch - it'll bring them back to their schooldays. Sadly this series came to an end in 2001 after 4 great years,but is repeated everyday on 'THE DISNEY CHANNEL' here in the UK. The feature - length movie 'RECESS:SCHOOL'S OUT' is also very good and has the great JAMES WOODS as a bad guy is a must-see for all fans of the series & even newcomers will find it enjoyable.

    rating for the series & movie 10/10!