• Though many may say I am a little old to still be watching cartoons directed towards a younger audience, I still watch them as well as enjoy them. They are oft wrong about the 'directed towards younger audience' comment, near every show I have watched that people have responded to in that general way contained a sense of entertainment or humour that anyone would enjoy!

    I was up one morning after a late night of working on some web business, and sadly had not slept, but also was not in the mood to sleep due to have a partial case of insomnia, and I decided it would be fun to view the current programming on Saturday mornings. After sitting through some rather boring and poorly animated shows the show Recess began, the opening sequence caught me and gave me the impression that it was going to be a fun, comical, and semi-exciting show. No disappointment at all, I was entertained through out the complete thirty minutes.

    If anyone out there is seeking that whimsical feeling a cartoon gives you, or just a higher quality cartoon for all ages I would definately suggest Recess for you.

    "You must empty your cup before it can be filled." –Bruce Lee