• Recess is one the best animated cartoons ever invented by Disney. I started watching it back when I was ten years old when it first began on One Saturday Morning and immediately fell in love with it. The Recess gang included six friends: T.J. the leader, Vince the athlete, Mikey the poet, Spinelli the tomboy, Gretchen the genius, and Gus the new kid. My favorite characters were Spinelli and T.J.(he's so cute)! They gave me good adventures for my friends and I to to do at recess when we was bored. My favorite episodes were "The Experiment" and "Mama's Girl". These episodes are classics! Unfortunately they don't make anymore new episodes but I still watch reruns on the Disney channel and Toon Disney when I get a chance to. They bring back memories of Elementry school and how I wish I was still there and not in high school!(LOL) Recess deserves a full 10/10 stars!