• This is one of the first featues in which Vivid started putting a lot of money behind Racquel's career. Previously, the sexy brunette had toiled in low-budget adult films doing mostly lesbian scenes.

    Around this time, she had some 'work' done on her to make her top half look draw-dropping and got rid of her permed hair, opting for a straight look with blonde highlights. She also became a Penthouse Pet of the month around this time.

    In her earlier features, she's still only doing guy/girl scenes with her then husband Derrick Lane. Her most notable scene from this film involves both Derrick and lesbian porn superstar Alex Jordan.

    Alex was an older blonde who was around the porn world in the 80's. She was not very attractive, but she could add fire to any girl on girl scene. She was just a real pro at getting girls off, and was often called upon to make love with some of the hottest girls in porn (Nikki Tyler, Janine). She was on the rough side, but was an eager tongue lasher of hot, young muffin.

    One thing that can be said about Racquel, she liked to get it on with the hot young Vivid cuties, but also liked some of the harder looking girls too. In the most explosive scene i this film, Alex seduces Racquel and has a nice, long session working her tongue between Racquel's incredible legs as Derrick watches. Eventually, they all get it on together. Good stuff!